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How To Style A Round Coffee Table

Decorating your coffee table can be a quick and easy task that makes a big impact on your space, making your living room look stylish and complete.


Here’s my 7 top tips to get your coffee table styling looking ‘insta-worthy’.

1.  Variation

Making your coffee table arrangement interesting all comes down to using contrast and variation.

-Use items of different heights.  Something tall, something small and something in between to fill in the middle space

-Vary the size of objects.  Lots of small items will look cluttered, while too many large items will look too heavy.

-Vary the shapes.  Use some straight lines with some some curved/circles.  Something ‘organic’ in shape is also great to make the arrangement interesting, think sculptures, shells and ornaments.

-Vary the materials and textures you use.  Mix woods, metal, ceramic, glass.  Make sure you have some ‘smooth’ and some ‘texture’.

This coffee table arrangement has a mixture of tall (foliage), short (book) and medium (chimes) heights.  A mixture of straight lines in the book and chimes is balanced with curves in the vase and bowl, and the organic shape of the foliage.  There is a mixture of textures and materials – glass vase, metal chimes, paper book, ceramic bowl, fresh foliage and the wood of the coffee table.

2.  Odd numbers

It’s a bit of a rule really, things in groups of odd numbers just works – 3 or 5 is good for a coffee table.  Imagine a triangle shape on your coffee table and place items (or groups of items) on each point of the triangle.

3.  Add life

Add something alive – foliage, flowers, a potted plant.  If you’re a black thumb or don’t have access to fresh flowers, faux is ok too.

4.  Use a tray

Using a tray anchors your arrangement, and makes it look like everything belongs together.  The bonus is that it is takes 3 seconds to clear the table for cheese platters and wine glasses when friends come over!

5.  Stack ’em up

Books are a great way to add a base to build on, or to add height to items. Stack them up and place decorative items on top.

6.  Make it practical

Use baskets, bowls and boxes to keep your ‘stuff’ like remotes and glasses in.  No more ‘Kids! Where did you put the remote?!’

7.  Make it yours

I’m all about creating ‘authentic’ spaces… your home should be all about you and what you love. No one wants to live in a showroom, so make sure you add a few special pieces to personalise your space.  Shells collected by your kids, a family heirloom, treasures from your holidays overseas.. add something that will spark a conversation.


Great items to use on a coffee table

Vase & flowers/foliage, potted plants, ceramics, trays, books, bowls, boxes baskets, decorative items, candles.


So there you have it… my top tips for styling a round coffee table.


Do you need help with more than just styling your coffee table? Perhaps you need some direction choosing the perfect coffee table?  Or a new sofa?  Or perhaps your entire living room could do with a refresh!?  If so, I offer a range of services to solve the decorating dilemmas that are keeping you up at night.

Check out my range of services here, or if you’d like to chat about how I can help you create your dream home, book a free 15 minute ‘get to know you’ call here.


Till next time,

J x

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7 top tips for a stylish (and functional) home office https://juliecowleyinteriors.com.au/2019/11/04/7-top-tips-for-a-stylish-and-functional-home-office/ https://juliecowleyinteriors.com.au/2019/11/04/7-top-tips-for-a-stylish-and-functional-home-office/#respond Mon, 04 Nov 2019 10:07:48 +0000 https://juliecowleyinteriors.com.au/?p=24950 The post 7 top tips for a stylish (and functional) home office appeared first on Julie Cowley Interiors.


Julie’s 7 Top Tips For A Stylish (And Functional) Home Office

So… who loves to sit down and do their book work every week?  Yeah me neither!

But having a home office space that feels beautiful and organised will surely make the weekly chore a bit easier, right!?

 Here’s my top tips for decorating a home office space…

1.  The Right Desk

Before you go out and buy the prettiest desk you can find, think about the functionality of the space first! What activities happen at the desk? How many people will use the desk at any one time? How much space do you need? What needs to be on your desk? A computer? Maybe 2? A printer? How big is that printer? Room for an in tray? Let these questions guide you first. Also consider the surface of the desk top. You’ll want to invest in something that will stand the test of time. And if you’re anything like me, and your assistant’s writing tool of choice is a texta 🤨, an easily cleaned surface is a must!

For a simple contemporary look, the Trestle Desk from Mocka is a favourite.

Image via Mocka

The Bailey desk from Globewest gives a modern industrial vibe to a space – and it has drawers!  Winner!

 Image via Globewest


2.  A comfy seat

How many hours is your butt gonna be in that chair? Heaps, right! So please invest in a comfy chair! Now, that doesn’t need to be big black ugly swivel chair (yeah, I’m looking at you hand-me-down-JCI-office chair!) If a swivel chair is a must, there are heaps available these days that are stylish too! But, if your chair doesn’t need to spin, consider a dining room chair… there are a million of these out there!

The Lennox chair from Globewest combines functionality with style… see swivel chairs don’t have to be ugly!

Image via Globewest

The Ellis chair from MRD home is ticking the boxes for me!  

Image via MRD home


3.  Up the comfort factor

Cushions and throws don’t just have to be for the sofa! Find a gorgeous cushion or throw and pop it on your office chair. Try a small lumber cushion for something stylish and comfy.

The Ramie lumbar cushion from Feather and Oak comes in a range of gorgeous colours to suit a variety of interior styles.  Stacey really does have something for everyone!

Image via Feather and Oak

The Mira Linen Cushion Cover – Ana from Cultiver is divine!  It also comes in a lumbar size!  Yes please!

Image via Cultiver


4.  Storage, storage and more storage!

Have you seen those Pinterest worthy office inspo pics. A beautiful desk and chair. A lone computer on the desk. Not a paper in sight. Me too… but seriously where are these people keeping their 7 years worth of records? Or is everyone actually that tech savvy these days and has e.v.e.r.y.thing on the cloud?! If you’re like me, you’ll probably need some storage. Filing cabinets, cupboards, drawers and shelves are great…. and if you can invest in a complete built in option, you will not regret it! It’s so good to be able to store (hide) those mountains of ‘stuff’ behind closed doors.

Plenty of storage in our office is vital to keeping the space looking and feeling fresh and organised. 


5.  Organise it

What’s that old saying… a place for everything and everything in its place? To make this a bit more realistic, it helps to have those little things that make organisation a bit easier. Think trays, pin boards, calendar, and a pretty cup/pot/vase to store your pens in.


Al + Em has a pinboard to suit your every need!  Lots of colours and shapes to choose from, or Emma can do a custom order perfect for your space!  For a pretty calendar to organise yourself and prints to make your space look fab, check out The Middle Village.

Pinboard image via Al + Em

Calendar + prints via The Middle Village


The Grocery Basket from The Storekeeper & Co provides a stylish alternative to a plastic inbox.

Image via The Storekeeper & Co

6.  Add some greenery

I’m a bit of a sucker for indoor plants, and I totally think you should add one (or two…or more!) to your office too. Plants bring life to a space and break up all those straight lines that are inevitable in an office space.  Consider the light requirements of your chosen plant before you bring your new baby home.  Some of my top picks for indoor plants are the ZZ plant, Snake plant, Chain of Hearts and Fiddle Leaf Fig.


Feeling unsure about indoor plants?  Check out Captain Monstera – the girls can help you choose the perfect plant, pot it up for you and deliver it to your door (NSW only).  The ZZ plant  from Captain Monstera is almost indestructible!  

Image via Captain Monstera

My chain of hearts is loving life in my office…  nearly 2 metres long!  Its friend is a fakie from Ikea.

7.  Make it yours

I’m all about creating ‘authentic’ spaces… your home should be all about you and what you love. No one wants to live in a showroom, so make sure you add a few special pieces to personalise the space. Family photos, your favourite art works, a treasured family heirloom or some favourite books will add some ‘you’ to the space.


Photos that hold a special meaning are great to decorate with.  An old black and white photo of a Champion Cow from my husband’s family’s Angus cattle stud (that’s a mouth full!) takes pride of place on our office shelves.  

I am crushing hard of all of Rachel Prince’s work at the moment!  This is her “Cliff’s Edge” available for sale now on her website – if I don’t beat you to it!

Image via Rachel Prince Art

So there you have it… 7 tips for creating the perfect home office space.

If you’re ready to give your home office a makeover, but feel overwhelmed by all those big decisions, you’re not alone! I offer a range of services to solve the decorating dilemmas that are keeping you up at night.  Let’s create a home office space in your home that makes you actually enjoy spending time doing the book work!

Check out my range of services here or if you’d like to chat about how I can help you create your dream home, book a free 15 minute ‘get to know you’ call here.


Till next time,

J x

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How To Create Zones In Open Plan Living Spaces https://juliecowleyinteriors.com.au/2019/07/26/how-to-create-zones-in-open-plan-living-spaces/ https://juliecowleyinteriors.com.au/2019/07/26/how-to-create-zones-in-open-plan-living-spaces/#respond Fri, 26 Jul 2019 12:13:41 +0000 https://juliecowleyinteriors.com.au/?p=24711 The post How To Create Zones In Open Plan Living Spaces appeared first on Julie Cowley Interiors.


How To Create Zones In Open Plan Living Spaces

I had a question from a lovely fb follower lately…


“If you have a long space that is kitchen, dining and a lounge area, what decorating tips do you have for creating zones for each area but still keeping a cohesive feel?” 

  Great question!!  Open plan living spaces are super popular at the moment.. but if you don’t create individual zones within your space, it can feel a bit more like a great big hall, and less like a cosy home. 

Read on for my top 4 tips for creating zones in open plan living areas…

1.  Add a rug

  Adding a rug is possibly the quickest and easiest way to define a space within your open plan living area.  The most popular spot is within the living/lounge space, but they also work well under the dining table.

If you need expert tips on choosing the perfect rug, I have a free eBook just for you.  Download it here!

…and can we take just a moment to soak in this amazingness at Salt at Shoal Bay…  How’s that view!! 😍 Definitely adding this one to the holiday destination list!

Oh, and yes, rugs have been used beautifully here to define both the living and dining spaces.  Nice one!

2.  Use feature lighting

Feature lighting is having its moment in the sun, and it doubles as a perfect way to define spaces.  See how the large black pendant light in the space below draws the eye in and defines the dining space… well played Zephyr +  Stone 👌 

Make sure you choose lighting that will actually make an statement.  One large pendant works well, as does a cluster of 3 or 5… odd numbers always tend to work best in interiors.


3.  Fancy up your walls

Another massive design crush I have at the moment is for feature walls… especially panelling!  ..and what do you know… another perfect way to define a zone!  DIY Shelley has nailed the feature wall using not only panelling, but also a bold colour choice, clearly defining her living zone from the rest of the space.

Other options for creating a feature wall include painting a different colour, wallpaper, statement shelving, large artwork or gallery walls.


4.  Move things around

You know, back in the day, when you’d go to your school social, and all the chairs and tables were pushed to the edges of the room… how massive did that room feel!?  Perfect for a dance to Macarena (yep, I’m that old!), but not so good for creating intimate spaces.

The lesson… Don’t feel that your sofa needs to be pushed up against the wall.  Play around with the positioning of your furniture, and try turning the sofa’s back on the rest of the room.  It will automatically define the living space.  

Shae McGee can do no wrong, so take a cue from her, and try adding a console table behind the sofa to make it look even more pretty!

So, there you have it, my top 4 tips for defining the individual spaces within an open plan living area.  I’d love to hear your thoughts or questions, so go ahead and leave a comment below.


Still feeling overwhelmed by all those decorating decisions?  You’re not alone!  Let me take away the overwhelm and stress of your next decorating project, and create a space that makes you smile every time you walk through the door.

I can help you no matter where in Australia you live, via my eDecoration services (click here), or if you live in the Mallee, Riverland or surrounds, work with me in person, (click here).


Till next time,

J x

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JCI loves Haven + Heart https://juliecowleyinteriors.com.au/2019/06/09/jci-loves-haven-heart/ https://juliecowleyinteriors.com.au/2019/06/09/jci-loves-haven-heart/#comments Sun, 09 Jun 2019 05:38:02 +0000 https://juliecowleyinteriors.com.au/?p=24660 The post JCI loves Haven + Heart appeared first on Julie Cowley Interiors.


JCI loves Haven + Heart


Welcome to JCI loves…  This little series is all about meeting the amazing women behind the brands that I’m crushing on atm.  I’ve always loved supporting small businesses, and I also love hearing the amazing stories of the women behind the brand.  So here we go with the first in the JCI loves series…

Kiralee and I recently crossed paths in a Mum’s with Hustle group, and I was instantly drawn to her gorgeous online store Haven + Heart!  She asked me to write a guest blog post (check it out here), and I instantly fell in love with almost every single item in her online store!  She’s an amazing biz mum, juggling her online store, a bricks and mortar store and 4 kids (4!)….how’s that for impressive!

Meet Kiralee… 


What is Haven + Heart?

Haven + Heart is the online evolution of our store in Evans Head NSW called Beachside Bargains, which was started by my mother & father in law almost 20 years ago! So far our goal has been to bring our much loved home décor items from our bricks and mortar store to the world! Or Australia at least 😊. We personally choose all the items we stock and only keep products we truly love ourselves. Our philosophy has always been, great products, great customer service, great prices and strong family values. Haven and Heart is about helping people create beautiful, practical, inviting family homes.


Tell us more about yourself, the face behind H+H.

Hmm, about me? Well first and foremost I am a mum to 4 gorgeous kids aged, 10, 8, 2 and 1. Although they are my world I like to think they don’t define me, I’m a working mum and a better mum when I’m working. Trying to raise beautiful people is my most rewarding and challenging job but at the same time I love to keep busy, learn and generally pile too much on my plate!  I’m married to a man (for almost 12 years!) who is a wonderful husband and a fantastic father, who although sometimes he does add to my stress (shh don’t tell him I said that), he’s also been my main support through my battle with anxiety and depression which sometimes consumes far too much of me, he loves me at my best and my worst.  I come from a super large family (12 siblings!) that is full of strong women, something that has undoubtedly helped to shape me into the determined (definitely not stubborn 😐), compassionate person I am today. I’m so blessed to be surrounded and part of a such a large family as crazy and dysfunctional as we are!  I’ve also found comfort in becoming a Christian, knowing that regardless of how I’m feeling or what challenges I have in front of me, I never have to get through it alone. Through faith I’ve gained strength, compassion, patience and peace. Generally I just want to be the best person I can be, constantly searching for my “best self”. 


How did it all begin?  What inspired you to start H+H?

My husband and I have owned a Beachside Bargains store since 2008, so it is basically all I have known for my adult career. Although I love the business I am a creative person and as any business owner would know, you spend so much time with administration, I felt like it was draining me and I needed to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. Although having an online store is a whole other business in itself, I’m loving the design process, the creative social media side, styling, photography etc, they all work to balance out the paper work! As my family and my love of home décor have grown I wanted to create a place that doesn’t just sell “stuff” I want to connect with others and encourage them that a beautiful home doesn’t just have to be for when the kids are older. We can create beautiful, practical, fun family homes now. Sometimes I feel that as a mum we’re constantly waiting on our current stage of life to be over before we can do things we love. I want to learn and encourage other women to embrace life as it is now, chaos, weetbix, vegemite, washing and all! I don’t want just a shop, I want a community.

Where to next?  What exciting things are happening at H+H in 2019?

Oooh! I have so many ideas they all get jumbled in my head. Basically though I will keep growing our product range as a base. Then I have a couple of great collaborations in the pipeline, guest blog posts with everything from organisation and decorating to mum life. Creating a few gorgeous freebies and of course some competitions! Although I have a pretty strong vision of where I’d like to take Haven and Heart I’m also happy to let it evolve organically and see what happens.

What’s your favourite product in the H+H range at the moment?

That’s a tough one! Since all our products are hand picked I definitely have a little love for them all but my number one at the moment would have to be our Hummingbird Artwork. I love colour and this piece is just so vibrant, it’s stunning! I love that there are so many directions you could take it too, completely tropical, eclectic boho, or have it as the statement piece in an otherwise muted palette.

Where can we find you and your gorgeous products?

We’re online at www.havenandheart.com.au, then of course Instagram @haven_and_heart and Facebook @havenandheart.

I am tring to get a bit happening on Pinterest soon, lots of inspiration and DIY tips etc so keep your eye out for that.

Do you have a special offer for JCI followers?

I sure do! I’d love to give you lovely peeps 15% off storewide!

Use code JC10 at checkout. 

Final five with Kiralee from Haven + Heart…

One thing you can’t live without? 

With 4 kids who think 5am is a good time to wake up, it’s coffee in the morning and a hot shower at night.

Favourite place on earth?

Without a doubt Vanuatu. We’ve been there multiple times, the people are honestly the most lovely on earth.

The best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Being broken isn’t a fault, it’s how we let our light shine out.

One thing on your bucket list?

umm, I’m probably just meant to say skydiving or something  but I want to make an impact (not from skydiving! Eek). At some point I’d love to be in a position to really create change in peoples lives whether that be through getting in and getting my hands dirty helping to build a community or by having enough money I could really get something done!

When I dance I look like…

Bahaha! I have absolutely no idea but I’m pretty sure my sisters would love to chime in on this one. I’ve been known to bust a move on the dancefloor once or twice 😊

Thank you so much Kiralee for joining me on the blog!

Make sure you pop over to Haven + Heart to check out all her amazing goodies. If you’re loving the relaxed casual vibe of the Coastal Boho board, but aren’t sure how to pull it off in your own home, an eDecoration package is just what you’re looking for!  I can incorporate some amazing pieces into your existing space to create your very own coastal retreat!



Till next time,

J x

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