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About - Julie Cowley Interiors

Your Lounge Room Needs A Fresh Coat Of Paint.  

One Of Those 127 Shades Of White Is Perfect.

But Which One?

Choosing a paint colour is so overwhelming. Your walls are lined with so many swatches that they’re starting to look like Jackson Pollock has been experimenting.

You’re dreaming about gloss, semi-gloss, matte, low sheen. Natural white, vivid white, not quite so white and extra bright white.  

You’re not alone. It’s a common issue when renovating. What starts as a ‘weekend job’ quickly evolves into something epic.

It’s a lot of pressure. A tiny variation on a colour chart can completely transform your space from light to dark to warm to cool.

And you have to live with the results day in, day out.

It’s so hard to know what’s right, and it’s stressful and expensive if you get it wrong.

Oh, and it doesn’t end once you work out which shade is ‘the one’.

That’s only the beginning.

You still have to decide which table to choose, what size couch is right, how you work in that throw rug your grandma knitted you.

So many decisions. But you don’t have to make them alone.

Julie Cowley Interiors.

Obsessed With Design Since Forever.

Hey, I’m Julie. Wife, mother, and interior design junkie.

 As a little girl, my parents constantly found me rearranging my room in a quest to get it ‘just right’.

 Fast forward a few years. Whilst pregnant with #3, we decided to renovate and decorate our farmhouse ‘forever’ home, just outside of Pinnaroo, South Australia.

 Even with my love of design, I ran into a few challenges.  

 Being out in the sticks means there’s no Ikea down the road, let alone anything bespoke or unique. Services like interior designers just don’t really exist when you’re this far out of the city.

 I was completely on my own.

 I dug right in, went research crazy, even blogged my progress. Finally, I embraced that interior decorating is my true calling, I took the leap and followed my passion to study at the renowned Mercer School of Interior Design in Melbourne, and Julie Cowley Interiors was born.

 After my own isolating experiences, I decided to specialise in residential interiors in rural areas. Not only is there a lack of services and supply as you get further out of the city, but with less ‘to get out and do’ I think it’s more important than ever to create a home base that is a sanctuary. 

Take The Stress And Overwhelm Out Of All Those Big Decisions With Julie Cowley Interiors.

Let’s take a relaxed and casual approach to create the perfect calming, beautiful and functional space for you and your family.

Get in touch and let’s discuss how we can work together to turn your home into a timeless and authentic reflection of you.

Let’s chat…

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