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How to style a round coffee table - Julie Cowley Interiors

How To Style A Round Coffee Table

Decorating your coffee table can be a quick and easy task that makes a big impact on your space, making your living room look stylish and complete.


Here’s my 7 top tips to get your coffee table styling looking ‘insta-worthy’.

1.  Variation

Making your coffee table arrangement interesting all comes down to using contrast and variation.

-Use items of different heights.  Something tall, something small and something in between to fill in the middle space

-Vary the size of objects.  Lots of small items will look cluttered, while too many large items will look too heavy.

-Vary the shapes.  Use some straight lines with some some curved/circles.  Something ‘organic’ in shape is also great to make the arrangement interesting, think sculptures, shells and ornaments.

-Vary the materials and textures you use.  Mix woods, metal, ceramic, glass.  Make sure you have some ‘smooth’ and some ‘texture’.

This coffee table arrangement has a mixture of tall (foliage), short (book) and medium (chimes) heights.  A mixture of straight lines in the book and chimes is balanced with curves in the vase and bowl, and the organic shape of the foliage.  There is a mixture of textures and materials – glass vase, metal chimes, paper book, ceramic bowl, fresh foliage and the wood of the coffee table.

2.  Odd numbers

It’s a bit of a rule really, things in groups of odd numbers just works – 3 or 5 is good for a coffee table.  Imagine a triangle shape on your coffee table and place items (or groups of items) on each point of the triangle.

3.  Add life

Add something alive – foliage, flowers, a potted plant.  If you’re a black thumb or don’t have access to fresh flowers, faux is ok too.

4.  Use a tray

Using a tray anchors your arrangement, and makes it look like everything belongs together.  The bonus is that it is takes 3 seconds to clear the table for cheese platters and wine glasses when friends come over!

5.  Stack ’em up

Books are a great way to add a base to build on, or to add height to items. Stack them up and place decorative items on top.

6.  Make it practical

Use baskets, bowls and boxes to keep your ‘stuff’ like remotes and glasses in.  No more ‘Kids! Where did you put the remote?!’

7.  Make it yours

I’m all about creating ‘authentic’ spaces… your home should be all about you and what you love. No one wants to live in a showroom, so make sure you add a few special pieces to personalise your space.  Shells collected by your kids, a family heirloom, treasures from your holidays overseas.. add something that will spark a conversation.


Great items to use on a coffee table

Vase & flowers/foliage, potted plants, ceramics, trays, books, bowls, boxes baskets, decorative items, candles.


So there you have it… my top tips for styling a round coffee table.


Do you need help with more than just styling your coffee table? Perhaps you need some direction choosing the perfect coffee table?  Or a new sofa?  Or perhaps your entire living room could do with a refresh!?  If so, I offer a range of services to solve the decorating dilemmas that are keeping you up at night.

Check out my range of services here, or if you’d like to chat about how I can help you create your dream home, book a free 15 minute ‘get to know you’ call here.


Till next time,

J x

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