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JCI loves Haven + Heart - Julie Cowley Interiors

JCI loves Haven + Heart


Welcome to JCI loves…  This little series is all about meeting the amazing women behind the brands that I’m crushing on atm.  I’ve always loved supporting small businesses, and I also love hearing the amazing stories of the women behind the brand.  So here we go with the first in the JCI loves series…

Kiralee and I recently crossed paths in a Mum’s with Hustle group, and I was instantly drawn to her gorgeous online store Haven + Heart!  She asked me to write a guest blog post (check it out here), and I instantly fell in love with almost every single item in her online store!  She’s an amazing biz mum, juggling her online store, a bricks and mortar store and 4 kids (4!)….how’s that for impressive!

Meet Kiralee… 


What is Haven + Heart?

Haven + Heart is the online evolution of our store in Evans Head NSW called Beachside Bargains, which was started by my mother & father in law almost 20 years ago! So far our goal has been to bring our much loved home décor items from our bricks and mortar store to the world! Or Australia at least 😊. We personally choose all the items we stock and only keep products we truly love ourselves. Our philosophy has always been, great products, great customer service, great prices and strong family values. Haven and Heart is about helping people create beautiful, practical, inviting family homes.


Tell us more about yourself, the face behind H+H.

Hmm, about me? Well first and foremost I am a mum to 4 gorgeous kids aged, 10, 8, 2 and 1. Although they are my world I like to think they don’t define me, I’m a working mum and a better mum when I’m working. Trying to raise beautiful people is my most rewarding and challenging job but at the same time I love to keep busy, learn and generally pile too much on my plate!  I’m married to a man (for almost 12 years!) who is a wonderful husband and a fantastic father, who although sometimes he does add to my stress (shh don’t tell him I said that), he’s also been my main support through my battle with anxiety and depression which sometimes consumes far too much of me, he loves me at my best and my worst.  I come from a super large family (12 siblings!) that is full of strong women, something that has undoubtedly helped to shape me into the determined (definitely not stubborn 😐), compassionate person I am today. I’m so blessed to be surrounded and part of a such a large family as crazy and dysfunctional as we are!  I’ve also found comfort in becoming a Christian, knowing that regardless of how I’m feeling or what challenges I have in front of me, I never have to get through it alone. Through faith I’ve gained strength, compassion, patience and peace. Generally I just want to be the best person I can be, constantly searching for my “best self”. 


How did it all begin?  What inspired you to start H+H?

My husband and I have owned a Beachside Bargains store since 2008, so it is basically all I have known for my adult career. Although I love the business I am a creative person and as any business owner would know, you spend so much time with administration, I felt like it was draining me and I needed to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. Although having an online store is a whole other business in itself, I’m loving the design process, the creative social media side, styling, photography etc, they all work to balance out the paper work! As my family and my love of home décor have grown I wanted to create a place that doesn’t just sell “stuff” I want to connect with others and encourage them that a beautiful home doesn’t just have to be for when the kids are older. We can create beautiful, practical, fun family homes now. Sometimes I feel that as a mum we’re constantly waiting on our current stage of life to be over before we can do things we love. I want to learn and encourage other women to embrace life as it is now, chaos, weetbix, vegemite, washing and all! I don’t want just a shop, I want a community.

Where to next?  What exciting things are happening at H+H in 2019?

Oooh! I have so many ideas they all get jumbled in my head. Basically though I will keep growing our product range as a base. Then I have a couple of great collaborations in the pipeline, guest blog posts with everything from organisation and decorating to mum life. Creating a few gorgeous freebies and of course some competitions! Although I have a pretty strong vision of where I’d like to take Haven and Heart I’m also happy to let it evolve organically and see what happens.

What’s your favourite product in the H+H range at the moment?

That’s a tough one! Since all our products are hand picked I definitely have a little love for them all but my number one at the moment would have to be our Hummingbird Artwork. I love colour and this piece is just so vibrant, it’s stunning! I love that there are so many directions you could take it too, completely tropical, eclectic boho, or have it as the statement piece in an otherwise muted palette.

Where can we find you and your gorgeous products?

We’re online at www.havenandheart.com.au, then of course Instagram @haven_and_heart and Facebook @havenandheart.

I am tring to get a bit happening on Pinterest soon, lots of inspiration and DIY tips etc so keep your eye out for that.

Do you have a special offer for JCI followers?

I sure do! I’d love to give you lovely peeps 15% off storewide!

Use code JC10 at checkout. 

Final five with Kiralee from Haven + Heart…

One thing you can’t live without? 

With 4 kids who think 5am is a good time to wake up, it’s coffee in the morning and a hot shower at night.

Favourite place on earth?

Without a doubt Vanuatu. We’ve been there multiple times, the people are honestly the most lovely on earth.

The best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Being broken isn’t a fault, it’s how we let our light shine out.

One thing on your bucket list?

umm, I’m probably just meant to say skydiving or something  but I want to make an impact (not from skydiving! Eek). At some point I’d love to be in a position to really create change in peoples lives whether that be through getting in and getting my hands dirty helping to build a community or by having enough money I could really get something done!

When I dance I look like…

Bahaha! I have absolutely no idea but I’m pretty sure my sisters would love to chime in on this one. I’ve been known to bust a move on the dancefloor once or twice 😊

Thank you so much Kiralee for joining me on the blog!

Make sure you pop over to Haven + Heart to check out all her amazing goodies. If you’re loving the relaxed casual vibe of the Coastal Boho board, but aren’t sure how to pull it off in your own home, an eDecoration package is just what you’re looking for!  I can incorporate some amazing pieces into your existing space to create your very own coastal retreat!



Till next time,

J x

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